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Meet Loren

Loren Arispe, Intern

Supervised by Dr. Rob Porter

“Human connection establishes the foundation for vulnerability which projects the path to true healing and challenges the mind.”

Hi! My name is Loren Arispe. I received my bachelor’s in psychology from The University of Texas at San Antonio in 2021—Birds up! My current education and training in Marriage and Family Therapy has prepared me to connect with my clients on a deeper level and create change within themselves and their relationships.

The wisdom and inspiration I’ve gained from others and the triumphs I have experienced in my own personal life that have driven me to want to help others during their own difficult stages to create change within themselves or the relationships around them. I work with clients to establish a foundation of connection and create the space you need to feel seen and heard. Therapy should not feel intimidating or hard; it should feel easy and supportive through whatever life may bring! Judgment does not exist in this space—only laughter, tears, smiles, or whatever you need to feel. Feel it! Express it! 

I was born in Austin, Texas but also spent the majority of my life growing up in Kyle, Texas. The gym is usually my other place of therapy. I also enjoy painting, hanging out with friends and family, and being a mom to my firecracker of a Boston Terrier, Chanel. I believe therapy should be a place where my clients feel supported and connected through challenging conversation, honesty, and openness. Therapy is a process and I look forward to engaging with you. 

Some of my areas of focus include: 
Anxiety, Depression

FEE: $65 / clinical hour (45-50 mins)

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