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Family Therapy

Have you ever wanted to toss your kid through a plate-glass window? (Don’t.) (Seriously, don’t). Does it seem like yours is the only family that just can’t seem to get it together? It’s probably not (but if it is, you should definitely come see me.) It’s more likely that you’re just like most families who have growing pains from time to time. School, finances, death, or illness (anything really) can shift the family equilibrium and cause problems in interactions between members, making family life seem unbearable. Family therapy can make adapting to changes and shifts much easier. Common family therapy topics include:

  • Parent-child interactions problems
  • Grief and loss
  • Anger and resentment
  • Addictions
  • Child/teen acting out
  • Life transitions (school, college)
  • Job loss and unemployment

You are with your family your whole life; they’re worth the effort to make the relationship better (you know, a little less plate-glass window, a little more urge to hug). Working with an entire family in therapy can often speed the process, as family interactions are more easily identifiable. It’s not easy and it’s often chaotic, but family therapy can be richly rewarding.

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